Start your adventure with Joyor's Electric Ride-on Scooter S5.

joyor S5 is perfect for adventure lovers and extreme urban users. The most powerful joyor electric ride-on scooter. Dual motor option. Advanced all-terrain design with strong autonomy. Password lock mechanism.
If you're paying upwards of $1,000 for an electric ride-on scooter, it should be comfortable and capable of climbing curbs, hills, and rough terrain.
The most important condition for driving a scooter on hills and rough roads is the wattage of the motor

What is the best wattage for an electric ride-on scooter?

A typical e-scooter will have a 250-350 watt motor, which should be more than enough for most urban rides on flat terrain. As prices go up, you'll find scooters with 500-watt and higher-powered motors, which can be helpful if you need to climb steeper hills. At the top end, you'll find 800- to 1,000-watt motors, which not only make going up hills a breeze, but also let you go faster.


Are you riding in hilly terrain?

Where you plan to ride your scooter should also help determine your purchase. If you live in a flat area, a scooter with a 300W to 350W motor should give you all the power you need. However, if you live in places like San Francisco, you'll want a scooter with a more powerful engine to get you around. Larger people should also consider electric ride-on scooters with more powerful motors


  • Strong acceleration and effective double braking system
  • Excellent performance
  • You get more than you pay for

Joyor electric ride-on scooter S5 is a durable and powerful electric ride-on scooter. Thanks to its 600W brushless gearless motor and 48V 13Ah battery, this all-road Joyor is perfectly suited to any terrain. It has front and rear disc brakes and front and rear dual suspension, and can travel 40-55 kilometers on a single full charge. In addition, it is also equipped with front and rear lights and turn signals to ensure safe driving at night. These properties make it unique and ideal for you to enjoy a soft, comfortable, safe and vibration-free ride.

If you just want a scooter to move from point “A” to “B”, turn the page, because this scooter is not for you. If, on the other hand, what you want is to transform the journey into an experience, we may be able to offer you something interesting.