How to choose an electric scooter in 2023? Recommended purchase guide for electric scooters

How to choose an electric scooter in 2023? Recommended purchase guide for electric scooters


On the way to work, I often see young ladies riding electric scooters on the road in the park. It is really comfortable not to have to walk a long distance by myself under the scorching sun. This must attract my attention!

Electric scooters are indeed well adapted to fast-paced urban life: small size, low cost, labor-saving, simple and convenient operation, fast speed, portable scooters that can adapt to different road environments.

1. Safety first, first share the precautions for use!

1. Master balance and drive at low speed

In the process of using the electric balance car, it is necessary to control the balance of the body, and try to use the low-speed mode on the road. In the state of high-speed driving, you must not brake suddenly to prevent the inertia from flying out and causing injury.

2. It is forbidden to drive on special road sections

Electric scooters can not be driven on any road, and it is forbidden to use them on some bumpy roads, roads with snow, and water.

3. Reasonable storage and regular inspection

Please pay attention to avoid sun exposure and rain when storing electric scooters. The wheels of the scooter are the most easily damaged parts. You should always check the stability and firmness of the tires and maintain them regularly. Regularly check the tightness of the screws to ensure the firmness of the assembly.

4. Obey the law and enforce supervision

According to the "Road Traffic Management Regulations", many types of scooters are not allowed to be used as a means of transportation. It is recommended that you use them on specific occasions such as closed community roads, indoor venues, and park roads.

2. Purchase suggestions

At present, there are more and more brands of electric scooters on the market, and the price and quality are also uneven, so this often leads to people not knowing where to start when purchasing, fearing that they will fall into the pit, so I Here are some suggestions for purchasing electric scooters. You can refer to them:

1. Body weight

The first is the weight. If the electric scooter is too heavy, it will be inconvenient for us to travel every day or commute to work, and it will be more difficult. However, the weight of electric scooters on the market generally does not exceed 14kg. , it is best to choose a weight not exceeding 10kg, which is convenient and labor-saving.


2. Motor

In fact, there is absolutely no need to use foreign Bosch motors for current electric scooters, which is not cost-effective. In fact, as long as the domestic motors are better in design and performance, they are enough.

Regarding the power of the motor, the bigger the better, it is not too wasteful. Too small is not enough, so fit is the most important thing. Assuming the wheel diameter of the electric scooter is 8 inches, the recommended rated power is generally in the range of 250W-350W. If you need to consider the problem of climbing, the power also needs to be higher.


3. Battery life

As a small means of transportation for daily travel, electric scooters, of course, should not have too short battery life, but the stronger the better, and the current battery life of electric scooters on the market is generally 15-30KM. Use the scene to choose.


4. Speed

As a small means of transportation, the speed of electric scooters does not mean that the faster the better, if the speed is too fast, it will often bring you some dangers, so the electric scooters on the market must ensure safety. The speed is generally 15-25km/h.


5. Tires

At present, electric scooters mainly have two-wheel design, and some use three-wheel design, and the wheel diameter of the tire is 4.5, 6, 8, 10, 11.5 inches. The more common wheel diameter is 6-10 inches. It is recommended that you buy it. Try to choose larger tires at the time, the safety and steering will be better, and the driving will be more stable, and choosing solid tires is the safest.

At present, the main tires used in the market are solid tires and pneumatic tires. Solid tires are more durable, but the shock absorption effect is slightly worse; the shock absorption effect of pneumatic tires is better than that of solid tires. Cycling More comfortable, but there is a risk of flat tires.

6. Brake

Braking is a very important function for electric scooters, which can avoid the dangers caused by acceleration, deceleration or emergency situations. Many of them now use a dual braking method that combines electronic brakes and physical brakes.


7. shock absorption

The shock absorption is directly related to the comfort of riding, and to a certain extent, it can also play a role in protecting the body. Most of the current electric scooters use double shock absorbers, but some electric scooters use front wheel shock absorbers and rear wheels without shock absorbers. There will be some ups and downs.

3. Electric scooter recommendation↓↓

  • JOYOR Y6-S electric scooter
  • This portable scooter belongs to joyor's own brand. If you know it, you will know that the products of joyor's own brand are mainly cost-effective, and the price will have an advantage. Compared with similar products, the price will generally be lower. Of course, our requirements for the configuration should not be too high (but it is enough for daily use).
  • For example, the price of this Y6-S is basically not higher than 700 euros, which is a low-to-medium price among portable scooter. The configuration also uses a 500W brushless DC power, the climbing ability is also 15%, and the maximum load-bearing capacity reaches 200 catties, but the body weight is only 10.5 kg.

For daily use, this configuration and this price can be said to be very affordable.