Electric Scooter Maintenance: How To Care For Your Electric Scooter

How To Care For Your Electric Scooter


The essentials of electric bike maintenance are the same whether you’re looking at an electric road bike, an electric hybrid bike or an electric folding bike.

This guide explains how to care for your electric scooter, including tips on washing your scooter, applying lubricant, regular component checks, software and app updates, and caring for your battery.

Proper maintenance, especially of the drivetrain, is even more important if you're riding off-road, as dirt and debris can quickly damage expensive components. Cleaning and maintaining your electric scooter will keep it running smoothly, efficiently and safely, all of which will help extend the life of the scooter, its battery and motor.

How often should you service your electric scooter?

Everyone buys a beloved electric scooter and hopes that it will always look brand new, but some people don’t know how to maintain the electric scooter normally, so the electric scooter will have to be repaired and replaced soon. Most of them are sad. This is caused by their own lack of maintenance.

Below, JOYOR will provide you with some small methods, so that you can properly maintain the electric scooter, no matter how far and how long you travel with it, it will still be your beloved original electric scooter.

1. Inspection and maintenance of electric scooters

(1) Clean the car frequently and take care of the car paint. The car paint plays a decisive role in the appearance of the car. Pay attention to parking the car and do not expose it to the sun. Basically, the car paint can reach the maximum service life.

(2) Usually check the parts of the tire or the faucet and the tightness of the brakes. Before riding, you can check whether the tires and surrounding accessories are in good condition, hold the brakes tightly to see if they are in normal use, and then rotate the faucet to see if it needs to be corrected ;

(3) Even if the mud stains around the tires are cleaned, pay attention to the bearings of the wheels and lubricate them in time to avoid wear and tear and shorten the service life of the car;

2. Batteries for electric scooters

The battery is the core of an electric scooter, and it also accounts for a relatively high proportion of the price of electric vehicle accessories, not only because it is the power center, but also because it is inseparable from the battery life of the car. Buying a car must be for travel More convenient, the battery life of the car is the top priority, so how to maintain the battery?

(1) The charging problem of the car: Arlang's electric scooter uses a lithium battery for more environmental protection, energy saving and convenience, and it must be charged in time. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge it once a month to keep the battery active;

(2) Note on the placement of electric scooters: the battery cannot be exposed to the sun, nor can it be stored in a humid place for a long time, so if you want to park, you must park in a room with a suitable dry temperature or in an underground parking garage. Outdoors, it is recommended to place it in the shade of a tree.